Sabtu, 7 April 2012

Never Light Candle in Air Con Room...

Better to be careful .. to those with the habits of lighting candles
**** ** ** ***NEVER LIGHT CANDLE in AIR-CON. ROOM* *** * **For those who
sleep in the air-cond room ...........
A friend of mine has passed away recently, Please read the mail below and
be careful.

Heard of a bad news regarding Charleine, who studied in MSMKL with some of
us. She passed away last weekend due to carbon monoxide poisoning.

It happened when she lighted an aromatheraputic candle for the night in a
room with air-conditioning on and all windows closed.

Due to lack of oxygen in the room, the burning of the candle cannot fully
oxidized & thus forming dangerous carbon monoxide.

Carbon monoxide will prevent oxygen exchange in the lungs, resulting the
person dozing off to state of unconsciousness & eventually death in less
than 1 hour, depending on the room size. I am sending this e-mail out to
all of you so that you will be aware of such danger when lighting
aromatheraputic candles in any unventilated rooms. *

Please forward this email to all your love ones.* *** * ** **

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